My Story

Hi there!

I’m a Media Composer, Sound-Designer and multi-instrumentalist based in France.


I can play Lever Harp, Violin, Piano and Guitar. I’m also a Tech Nerd and creative Developer which is why people tend to define me as “multi-potentialite“: I have many passions that I’d like to combine in one.

I’m currently attending MAAAV Master (Lyon 2) in Composition for Media.

I record my sounds either in foley or in field recording.
As a developer, I am passionate about new technologies such as VR, binaural sound and ambisonic.
Besides, I have always enjoyed being able to interact with video game developers or animators with no technical barrier between us.

I’ve been playing and composing Music since I was a child as my mother, an Opera singer and Music-therapist, introduced me to the musical world very early.
I could attend the Conservatory at 10 studying Violin at first and then Composition.

My ultimate goal is always finding the perfect balance between technology and natural sounds. Inspired by stunning visual landscapes as well as electronic experimentation, I enjoy mixing many different styles and exploring every acoustic or synthetic instrument’s potential.

Being empathic and curious makes me better understand context & environment, and helps me through characters depictions as well as storytelling.

I’ve always thought that like in visual arts, Music’s got light and dark shades that I love experimenting with. For every work I create a new musical universe that leads a character’s adventure or development and that’s the reason I found my vocation in Composition and Sound Design for Media.



As Composer and Developer

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